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Re: Debian too big?

Santiago Vila wrote:

> Mmm, how do you know how many mathematicians are there among our
> users? :-)
> To prevent endless discussions, I think we should ask our users for this
> [ something like "send us your status file and we will try the most
> popular packages to fit in the first CD-ROM" ].

Neat idea.  Perhaps even put such results on the web page for interesting

You can format a nice list using:

$ grep -A2 -B1 "install ok installed" /var/lib/dpkg/status | perl -ne 'if (/Package: (.*)/) {$p=$1}; if (/Section: (.*)/) {printf "%15s %s\n",$1,$p};' | sort

(Long line probably got mangles along the way...)

BTW, I noticed writting this simple script that some entries don't have a
section entry (e.g. qt1).
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