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Re: palm machines & debian/gnu

On Mon, Sep 14, 1998 at 03:35:57PM -0400, Justin Maurer wrote:
> [rms: sorry i seem to be sending you so much email as of late]
> i started to send this to rms just as a quick note to let him know another
> program had been gpl'ed, but it brought up an old thought: debian for palm
> machines.
> many people (including me, at times) have said it is impractical to run
> linux on palm machines, which it is. however, this is mainly due to the
> lack of handwriting recognition and user-level software. but there is also
> the generalization that linux must be used with a command-line shell, gnu
> utilities, x11, etc. this is not so. linux is only a building block. we
> have our kernel.

Very true....Linux is just a kernel...you can make it do almost anything 
(though most of its interface and extensions are kind of tailored for
Unix-like operation)

> what do people think of binary-palm as a future debian
> architechture (after some upstream hacking, of course)? for some of us,
> free software is a religion =)

Well we already have allot of architectures already being worked on.
(I personally use both i386 and Sparc), we also have Debian/Hurd
which could laso go onto multiple architectures (has it already?
or is it still just i386?)...why not Debian/palm....
How much longer before we have Debian running on Toasters?


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