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palm machines & debian/gnu

[rms: sorry i seem to be sending you so much email as of late]

i started to send this to rms just as a quick note to let him know another
program had been gpl'ed, but it brought up an old thought: debian for palm

many people (including me, at times) have said it is impractical to run
linux on palm machines, which it is. however, this is mainly due to the
lack of handwriting recognition and user-level software. but there is also
the generalization that linux must be used with a command-line shell, gnu
utilities, x11, etc. this is not so. linux is only a building block. we
have our kernel. what do people think of binary-palm as a future debian
architechture (after some upstream hacking, of course)? for some of us,
free software is a religion =)

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       Date: 09/14/1998

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Description: Intrepid Software Solutions announces the release of PalmMOD (message-of-the-day) source code under the GNU General Public License. Download the source code from the Intrepid web site (http://www.intrepidsoft.com/products.html)

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