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apmd 3.0beta and suspend/resume scripts

Hi all,

I've recently become Debian package maintainer, and then upstream developer,
of the apmd (Advanced Power Management daemon) for Linux.  After some delays
due to exams and other software projects, I've finally gotten around to
releasing version 3.0beta (now 3.0beta3) of the program.

Along with some bug fixes, this version also adds support for "pre-suspend"
and "post-resume" scripts, which run before suspending and after returning
from suspend, respectively.  The Debian version of this package
automatically runs all the scripts in /etc/apm-suspend.d and

I'd like to get people's suggestions about what should go in these
directories.  For example, on my own system, I have scripts that shut down /
start up pcmcia drivers:

		cardctl suspend
		# the suspend script may not have run because of a "low
		# battery" condition, but we still need to power-up the
		# pcmcia devices again.
		cardctl suspend 2>/dev/null
		cardctl resume

These scripts make my laptop work _much_ better when it goes into suspend
mode.  By default, it doesn't power down the PCMCIA devices and makes funny
noises when suspended.

I also have some stuff to reset the hard drive spindown timer, which gets
lost when suspending my laptop.

What's the best way to provide these scripts?  I guess the pcmcia-cs package
should provide the pcmcia scripts as conffiles...

Any other ideas?

Have fun,


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