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Are we going with X_LOCALE or not?

I was surprised when a new version of X packages
were released, because it defined X_LOCALE even with the
libc6 version.  So I ask:

Are we going with X_LOCALE for any later version of libc6,
or just for a version that does not support full i18n?

It may be OK to define X_LOCALE if it becomes the standard
of X Window System on Linux with libc6 and it won't change
even when libc6 with full i18n support is released.

A problem of changing X_LOCALE definition is it brings
binary incompatibility of X libraries.  A program compiled
without X_LOCALE cannot use i18n support of X libraries with
X_LOCALE, and a program with X_LOCALE may not run with X
libraries without X_LOCALE.  If we would have only static X
libraries, it would not be a large problem, but we have
dynamic X libraries.  So it should be discussed soon.

What is important, IMHO, is to choose one and keep it
unchanged until another big change happens either in libc or
in X.  Do you have any plan?
Kaz Sasayama <Kaz.Sasayama@hypercore.co.jp>
Hypercore Software Design, Ltd. <URL:http://www.hypercore.co.jp/>

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