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The ncurses saga...


I have recompiled today the ncurses in proposed-updates from source.
Surprise: The resulting binary does not make dialog nor sc in hamm to
core dump anymore. Therefore I suspect there should be something wrong in
the building environment of Ray Dassen (who made the last release for

I propose to do the following:

1) Someone should upload a new ncurses to stable without changing the
source at all (i.e. the changelog at most).

2) dialog and sc should not have been uploaded for stable, really. Since
they are still in proposed-updates, we are in time to remove them.
Question: Are there any other ncurses app that had to be recompiled due
to its breakage?

I have not upgraded to slink, so my machine is still "pure hamm".
If nobody else volunteers, and if there are no serious objections, I will
do 1) and will submit bugs against ftp.debian.org so that 2) is done by
the ftp maintainers.


 "d8213431a895ceb16a2ac841a6e0e744" (a truly random sig)

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