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Re: questions about install-info

Dale Scheetz <dwarf@polaris.net> writes:

> The glibc INSTALL file says:
>      On some Debian Linux based systems the `install-info' program
>      supplied with the system works differently from the one we expect.

Yes, this is an issue, our install-info takes the same arguments as the
install-info which comes with info, but interprets them differently. This is
realy really bad. 

KTH Kerberos also had a problem with this, their install rules try to run
install-info if it's available and does entirely the wrong thing on Debian
machines. Of course in the package I can work around that, but the upstream
developers are asking me again what they should do and I honestly have no idea
how they should handle this situation. I'm inclined to tell them to ignore the
"Debian problem" since it's our fault and hope we'll fix the situation
eventually. That of course doesn't really help any users who try to build KTH
Kerberos from the source distribution, but I can't think of any good way of

The only solution I can imagine is to change the arguments to our install-info
to be consistent with the GNU install-info, then do some fancy coding in
packages to handle both cases. 


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