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Re: Can we pull KDE?

> > I think we should just pull the kde packages out of debian.  When new
> > packages are available with proper copyrights, we can distribute those.
> There is one more reason. Pulling KDE packages would reduce already shrinked
> Debian user base even more. 
> I am not a KDE user, but I feel that this is may be the major visible
> advantage of Debian vs. RedHat - availability of well-integrated KDE 
> (menus, etc.).

I seem to remember that when the whole KDE-thing was being discussed, 
someone cited a RedHat statement that because of the licensing 
concerns, -they- wouldn't be distributing KDE either.

If so, then this argument (Debian v. RedHat) is a non-argument.

And I never thought that the goal of Debian was market share.  As long 
as our user base is large enough to be sustainable, that's good enough 
for me.  Besides, since we don't have any way to measure our user base, 
I don't see it mattering anyway.

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