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Re: Debian popularity.

On Wed, 2 Sep 1998, Ean Schuessler wrote:

> Not that this statistic means _anything_ or that people haven't 
> mentioned it before but:
> HotBot search statistics:
> Red Hat Linux - 32446
> Debian Linux - 29426

Statistics don't mean shit, they're just numbers. People will use what
they want to use, and redhat is the most advertised on the www (well, more
than debain), as well as Slackware. I've found this to be because I
hangout in #Linux on efnet, and day in and day out, there are about 80%
more questions asked about redhat than debian. Thus, prospective Linux
users think redhat is the more used, and if they have any questions, they
can get answers easily. I've been using debian for years now, love it, and
I tell other users who want an alternative to say redhat, to try out
debian. It's all word of mouth, and redhat gets a lot of talk. What do you

> Rather interesting, really. Sort of. I guess.
> E

--Jeremy Tregunna
"L' ultima cosa che desiderate ascoltare del vostro medico, siete 'le urla!'"

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