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Success with 2.88 meg boot image!!!!!


After creating 6 somewhat poor frisbees I have a CD that will boot a 2.88
meg image file!

Special thanks to Luis Francisco Gonzalez for pointing me to the kernel
Documents/ramdisk.txt which had all the info I needed.

Several things are a bit unclear (took two CDs/frisbees to figure it all

The document suggests that with the new kernels the ramdisk will expand to
accept more files. However, this expansion doesn't happen when loading the
ramdisk, so the ramdisk_size passed to the kernel must exactly match the
size of the root image when uncompressed. (very interesting set of error
messages otherwise ;-)

The default size is 4 meg, which caused my other errors when trying to
load a 6 meg image.

The image I am working with has a kernel (zImage) compiled with all the
scsi and cdrom drivers built as modules, as well as anything else I could
build as modules, which is why it adds over 3 meg to the image file. This
means that:

1. No more problems with laptops that can't boot bzimages

2. Simplification of modules installation.

3. Plenty of room for more standard tools.

Thanks for all the help from everyone who replied. The support was very


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