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DATOM cds.. and 2.0rX

	I don't want to start a flame war here or start discussing *again*
on wether or not should the CD releae be 2.0r1 or other... I just wanted to
say that DATOM (listed as "official" vendor) is selling CDs and calling them
2.0rX. Currently they say they ditribute 2.0r2! Now, Phil has just made a
beta image for 2.0r1 and THAT might lead to some confussion.
	Please tell DATOM either to rename their CDs (maybe 2.0Dr2? =Datom
release) or stop saying they are official. Since they are not using the
official images, and their layout (has been mentioned here before) is not
the same in cdimage.debian.org
	I have nothing against DATOM, I just want to avoid confusion here...



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