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Re: software licensing

On Tue, Sep 01, 1998 at 12:30:52AM -0700, Derek B. Noonburg wrote:
> > It sounds to me that what you want to do is write a foreward explaining what
> > some acceptable and unacceptable uses under the license are, and explaining
> > that you are amenable to selling separate non-copyleft licenses as well. That
> > makes it clear to users who don't understand the GPL, while preserving
> > language "written for lawyers", since after all the license is a contract.
> But the GPL is ambiguous, *even to me*.  For example, see my question
> above about "private distribution" within a group.  Does the GPL allow
> this?  I'm not sure.  But I don't want to allow it with xpdf.

Yes, the GPL allow it.

And IMHO a license who not allow "private distribution", is not DFSG!

IMHO for main it must be allow to change the source without any rule like:
"ask me", "don't public", "make public", "send my a postcard" etc.

If I buy a cd-set with main and I don't have a modem I must allow to change
the source!

Or I not right?

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