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Re: Mailing lists - no CCs? (was Re: more developer identity stuff)

>>"Jules" == Jules Bean <jmlb2@hermes.cam.ac.uk> writes:

 Jules> If that is indeed our policy, we ought to include a Reply-To

	Nope. Our policy is not that we can't reply to the author
 directly. If the author has set a reply-to, t shall not be munged

	If your MUA does not support configuration of the group
 reply-to command, maybe you need a better MUA?

 Jules> or Mail-Followup-To header on mailing list outgoings, didn't
 Jules> we?

	Some other mailers use the header 
Mail-Copies-To: never
	instead; there seems to be no consensus.

 Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.
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