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Re: Modula-3 compiler (SRC M3 and PM3)

On Wed, Aug 26, 1998 at 12:38:05PM +0100, Luis Francisco Gonzalez wrote:

> There is work on debian on packaging this. The compiler it uses is modula3
> and although the oficial Maintainer is now offline (while moving ISP) I have 
> gotten it to almost compile. It fails on a file that wraps networking system
> calls. I asked for help on this a month ago but nobody answered so I am stuck.
> cvsup allows a network of cvs servers and would be ideal for debian projects
> using cvs like the boot-floppies (hence my interest).
> If anybody has porting experience and wants to help me port modula3 to debian,
> would you please speak up?

Are you trying to build SRC Modula-3?  Have you tried Polytéchnique Modula-3
(PM3), which has been adapted to work with libc6 on Red Hat 5.1 and
supposedly works on Debian 2.0?  This is what I read on Usenet a while ago:

Wed, 10 Jun 1998 20:04:33         comp.lang.modula3         Thread    5 of 10
Lines 18                       Re: PM3-1.1.7                No responses
Lengyel Sandor <hunnia@pacbell.net>           at Pacific Bell Internet Services

Since two weeks ago I complained, I want to mention here, how happy I am
with PM-1.1.7 for Linux libc6.
On my Debian it compiled almost without problems. In the boot section
for RTHeapDepC.c (I hope I remember the file name, I had to remove a
"const" form one of the opval file types. After that it compiled
everything almost till the end> I have a problem with gcc when compiling
net/mail, and thats about it. I think in my source file I am missing
some documentations. (I did not download the boot-source combination,
but the bott compiler and then the source.)

   And all compiled code seem to work just right. :-) Now I will by a
book. :-)
 Lengyel Sándor

Hass, alkoss, gyarapits,
S a haza fényre derül. (Kölcsey)

Oh, wait a sec, check out http://www.m3.org/!

   PM3-1.1.7 Available  (download)         http://m3.polymtl.ca/

        Polytechnique Modula-3 (better known as PM3) is the most
        up-to-date freeware implementation of the Modula-3
        language, libraries, and runtime environment. There are even
        patches to get the compiler and CVSUP to work correctly
        under Red Hat 5.1.  (http://www.wainpr.demon.co.uk/pm3.html)

BTW, PM3-1.1.8 is out, so you might like to give it a try.  :-)

I am downloading a copy to my account on master,
so if you like, you can use that copy instead and save some time
downloading.  :-)




P.S. Hmm... RPM is not on master yet... Maybe I should get the plain *.tgz
     instead.  But then, they already have a nice .spec file with everything
     splitted into nice packages AFAIK.  :-)  Don't know.  We'll see. :-)

     Source and bootstrap:

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