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Re: [RFC] Exim as standard Debian MTA?

>>"Steve" == Steve Lamb <morpheus@calweb.com> writes:

 Steve> Take a look at Sendmail configuration some time.  Early in its
 Steve> development they made concessions in the configuration format
 Steve> that made it convenient for the program to parse it, not the
 Steve> human.  To this day they have not shrugged off that legacy.
 Steve> It is so bad that to effectively and efficiently configure
 Steve> sendmail you have to use a seperate macro language and then
 Steve> compile it into the configuration file!

	Personally, I think sendmail.cf gets a bad rap. It does have a
 learning curve, but once learned, it is highly elegant and simple to
 use. Also, I do not see using a compiler to go from a human readable
 format to a machine readable format a negative; it is, after all, how
 most executables are created. 

 who still directly edits sendmail.cf
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