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Re: Bugs ?

Martin Schulze wrote:
> > On the german Debian-Maillist, one Person (Wolfram Kleff) has problemes with
> > debian hamm und has found some bugs(?):
> > 
> > 1.) /bin/csh is a link to /etc/alternatives/csh and /etc/alternatives/csh is a
> >     link to /usr/bin/tcsh. is this right?  
> Since we have both tcsh and csh this is correct.  We have both shells, right?

I need to correct myself.  I haven't noticed that it's /bin/something.
This can indeed lead into empty links that should be avoided.  I think
the best would be to move /bin/csh  to /usr/bin/csh for this purpose.
Since no boot or system scripts should be written in C-Sh this should
not harm other packages.



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