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Re: Bugs ?

Michael Bramer wrote:
> Hello
> On the german Debian-Maillist, one Person (Wolfram Kleff) has problemes with
> debian hamm und has found some bugs(?):
> 1.) /bin/csh is a link to /etc/alternatives/csh and /etc/alternatives/csh is a
>     link to /usr/bin/tcsh. is this right?  

Since we have both tcsh and csh this is correct.  We have both shells, right?

> 2.) He don't found /usr/share/locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/libc.mo. In the result, 
>     the libc6 has not german output. He get "file not found" instead "Datei
>     nicht gefunden"

German error messages succ anyway.

I can't find a french file either.  Hmm.

> 3.) 'Contents-i386' is not on our CD-image-set. Is this right? We should put
>     the file on the cd images.

Hmm, looks like you should file this as whishlist bug against debian-cd.



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