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Re: Bugs ?

On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, Michael Bramer wrote:

> csh is in /usr/bin/ too. But is this the right Place? The link to
> /etc/alternatives/csh is IMHO ok. But the link to a non-boot-dir (/usr) from 
> a boot-dir (/bin) is IMHO not ok. (at boottime the user/the scripts found
> /bin/csh, but it is a dead link.)

If you are saying that this user writes system boot scripts in [t]csh,
then I think the reasonable answer is: don't do that.  

It is perfectly allright to use the [t]csh as a login shell, but it is not
a true Bourne shell compatible and should not be used for system scripts.

There is an article by Tom Christiansen that explains some of the reasons
to be careful with [t]csh when scripting.  You can easily find it in
several places on the web, just do an altavista search for: 

  "csh programming considered harmful"



PS: regarding your question about german language support in tcsh, it
exists, but you have to install it as a seperate package:

Package: tcsh-i18n
Status: install ok installed
Priority: standard
Section: shells
Installed-Size: 273
Maintainer: Luis Francisco Gonzalez <luisgh@debian.org>
Source: tcsh
Version: 6.07.06-4
Depends: tcsh (>= 6.07.02-6)
Description: TENEX C Shell message catalogs
 tcsh (TENEX C Shell) has NLS support. This package has the current
 message catalogs to be used with tcsh. The supported languages include
 French, German, Greek and Spanish.

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