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Re: intent to package: mocka modula-2 compiler

On Thu, 27 Aug 1998, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

aj>can you fix bugs without the beg ? if not, the program is contrib, but not 
aj>free enought for main.

	This is what the current upstream maintainer says.

>>It's possible to find simple bugs in the generated code, but it's not
>>possible to develop further without BEG.

	This is not much to go on.  But I would say this makes it go in
contrib.  In fact, I might even say non-free, depending on the extent to
which its true that the  "source code" does not really function as source
	Good News: The author says he can contribute a C version of BEG.
I will get this as soon as possible.  I already asked how free it is.  In
any case, I think it is a good development.

	Another point.  The same group has a free Modula-2 to C
translator, which apparantly works well.  I have built it, but not tested
it yet.  I will package it when I get a chance.

	btw. The mocka package is ready to go.  If anyone wants it now, I
will upload to non-free, otherwise , I will hang on and wait on the rest
of the story.

	One more note:  They like to invoke it with "mc".  It was pretty
funny to see one of their scripts invoke midnight commander.  I changed to
MC for no good reason. Is that reasonable? mmc , or Mc perhaps ?


John Lapeyre 

Tucson,AZ     http://www.physics.arizona.edu/~lapeyre

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