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Re: intent to package: mocka modula-2 compiler

> 	This has me confused.  Maybe you or someone else can help me clear
> it up.
> 	No. The backend generator (beg) is not close to DFSG-free .  From
> reading the docs (I didn't try to run beg, just unpacked it), I understand
> that beg generates the source code for the compiler from a description
> file called i386.cgd , which is included in the source for mocka (and is
> therefore covered by the mocka license, not the beg license). The author
> speaks of a time when the source code had been developed by hand and was
> eventually replaced by the output of beg.  The license for mocka clearly
> claims to cover the source code for mocka, which although machine
> generated, is human readable modula-2 code.

can you fix bugs without the beg ? if not, the program is contrib, but not 
free enought for main.

but if the beg is no longer necessary, not even to fix bugs,
then the program is fine for main.


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