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Re: Maybe it's time to split debian-devel-changes


I'd like to append two (hopefully short) comments to this.

 a) The right place to fix this bug/implement it is Guy's dinstall
    program that installs the packages into the archive.  If
    one feels that this should happen soon he should contribute
    to it.  I think Guy would accept appropriate patches.

 b) Since our list server is based on procmail we can do *everthing*
    with it.  This would mean that we could set up -changes-$arch
    lists and install one unique address where all .changes files
    get mailed.  A mechanism could look into it and decide themselve
    to which lists it should be forwarded.

The second commend doesn't imply that I'm going to install this.
Only to let you see that this damn list server can do everything.

Now that a) is the choice people who want to have it implemented
should help.  Please people.  Don't look at me, I do want it to
appear but I can't afford the time currently.

This is the bug the whole discussion is related to.




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