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Re: dpkg suggestion

>>"Edward" == Edward Betts <edward@hairnet.demon.co.uk> writes:

 Edward> The obvious think to do is to copy the sendmail way, when the
 Edward> database gets to large, in our case the dpkg package database
 Edward> and in the case of sendmail the aliases database, start
 Edward> representing it as a database instead of text.

	Yes. This may happen in the future. However, there are certain
 advantages of a human readable database (I spend a lot of time using
 less on /var/lib/dpkg/available; and in the info/* files). 

 Edward> Great, at the moment I can right a quick awk script to look
 Edward> for stuff in the dpkg database of packages, that I could not
 Edward> if it was a database. But that agument falls apart when you
 Edward> relise that I can not do any real work like that because the
 Edward> stuff I am working on is not going to stay on the same place
 Edward> on the machine. At some point /var/lib/dpkg will become
 Edward> /var/state/dpkg, and who knows it might change again.

	Real work? I can just as quickly do m /var/state.dpkg/* as
 anything else. Even if you are thinking code, surely your code
 can be modular and flexible enough to look at ~/etc/dpkg-config? Keep
 the location of the directory there. I don't think the argument falls
 apart for this reason.

	Of course, one is not supposed to depend on the internals of
 dpkg for real programs; but in the meanwhile, my code serves me just

 Edward> Give it up,

	Give it up? Really? Methinks you give up too easily ;-)

 Edward> dpkg, dselect, pkg-order they are all to slow, it is time to
 Edward> drop the need for text files for large databases.

	Have you looked at APT? How it handles data? How it does not
 demand that the text databases all go away? 

 Edward> If you really wanted you could have a program that would dump
 Edward> an identical text file from the database.

	Do it the other way around. Have the text database be the
 master, and let the program parse that (once); just like apt does.

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