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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

>>"Steve" == Steve Lamb <morpheus@calweb.com> writes:

 Steve> In short, deception.  If I call up and ask "Do you have the
 Steve> latest release of Debian?" and mean "2.0.2/2.0r2" and he says,
 Steve> "Yes, we do have the latest release of Devian!" and means 2.0,
 Steve> then he is wrong.  Plain and simple, he is wrong and the
 Steve> customer has been deceived.

	Rubbish. The customer has, perhaps stupidly, failed to
 communicate what he desired, and thus fostered a miscommunication. In
 any case, the Latest release of Debian is Hamm, and shall be so until
 we release slink. That is what we call releases. Hamm is also known
 as Debian GNU/Linux 2.0. 

	Now, there may be several revisions in between releases, but I
 think those shall rarely be found on silver CD's.

 Steve> It improves because there is not deception involved.  It
 Steve> improves because when joe blow learns that 2.0r2 is the same
 Steve> as 2.0.2 and we have to change it *AGAIN* to maintain the
 Steve> deception we lose out again.

	*Sigh*. I really wish you would read the discussion we held on
 this issue earlier, since you seem to have a poor grasp of why the
 developers reached the current way of doing things.
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