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Re: Cheapbytes mess-up debian [FW: Debian 2.0 CD's]

I noticed that same problem.  The CD has a readme on it (somewhere,
don't have it with me right now) that says something to the effect of
"it appears that any CD with all the pacakges on it can be called
'official', as there is not standard directory layout" or something to
that effect.

I guess I just took their word for it, but it certainly doesn't cast the
Debian project in a good light that the cd_autoup.sh script won't work
without manually (and without instruction) making lots of silly symlinks
in a temporary directory and running it from there.

Edward Betts writes:
> This was posted to a differnet mailing list I am on, has it been noted before?
> Is it of any interest?

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> Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 09:02:42 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Casper Boden-Cummins <casperbc@yahoo.com>
> Subject: Debian 2.0 CD's
> To: lbc@polo.demon.co.uk
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> John (and anyone interested in Debian),

> The CheapBytes CD for Debian 2.0 doesn't use the standard layout. It
> should have a dists top-level directory, with everything sitting under
> that. Unfortunately, it messes up cd_autoup.sh (and probably other
> things, too).

> Could you have a go at CheapBytes, please? And maybe anyone else with
> CheapBytes Debian 2.0 CD's could complain, too?

> Thanks for shipping the CD's so fast, BTW.

> Casper Boden-Cummins
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