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Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

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Philip Hands:
> I think we should encourage them not to differentiate between the old and the
> new (i.e. call them both 2.0 in adverts) because people that receive the old 
> version really are not going to suffer any real hardship.

This is exactly the attitude that I disagree with. The changes between
2.0 and 2.0r1 are significant (fixes to security problems!). Having
to download the changed packages, even if they are few, certainly _is_
a real hardship. Not everyone is on the Internet.

However, I'm not going to argue the point further. This is a value
decision, not a technical one, and I'm not willing to spend the effort
to change everyone else's values to be correct. However, I don't want
anyone to be able to say there is a consensus, when there is not.

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