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Re: Intent to package gwydion

HAAAA.  No, I am not leaving (-:  Just meant that i needed a new
challenge now that I have bent E to my will.  E .15 will be packaged
when it is released.  I do not use gtk+ much, so i expect the gtk+
maintainer will work w/ the theming of that.

Edward Betts wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Aug, 1998, Shaleh wrote:
> > In further proof of my masochism I am going to try and package gwydion
> > -- a compiler/interpreter/kitchen sink for the Dylan language.
> > Apparently the thrill has left Enlightenment and all its fun libs, so I
> > am seeking a new challenge (-:  For more info on Dylan and Gwydion check
> > out http://www.randomhacks.com/dylan/.
> how about enlightenment .15 or GTK Themes, there is no need to leave yet
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> Edward Betts
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