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Re: bootup problem with the boot images

On Mon, Aug 24, 1998 at 02:49:52PM +0200, Alexander Koch wrote:
> Now with other distribution (SuSE Linux, Germany) there's
> an aic7xxx older/ newer and standard.
> What can I do to fix this problem? Any idea, any image to
> change? Should I compile a zImage and stuff it somewhere
> (means loading with loadlin)??

Try the boot image from Matthias Klose:

>I finally could install a Debian 2.0 Linux system on an ASUS P2B-DS
>board (UltraWide disk). I rebuilt the Debian boot disk with support
>for the 7890 chip. You can find them in
>        http://cs.tu-berlin.de/~doko/aic7xxx/
>Have fun, but remember the driver has alpha status.


Christian Meder, email: meder@isr.uni-stuttgart.de
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