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Re: Re: Naming of new 2.0 release

Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> As an end user I would like to know what the differences between
> releases are.  This should be posted on the web site, or in a file on

Normally there will be a README and a ChangeLog file.  I guess this
will be continued.

> the ftp site.  At the prices that LSL and Cheapbytes charge for these
> CD's I can afford to update at the point that I feel it is needed
> (heck the postage costs more than the CD's).  Or I can live with the

Then spend some money to SPI while buying, then the CD costs lightly
more than the postage. :-)

> old CD and just download the important files that change (if I know
> which ones they are).  I doesn't matter what numbering scheme you use,

Well, as an example, in Germany the CD's are somewhat more expensive,
still very cheap, (about $15 or so).

> but the three digit one is more standard.  (except that the middle
> number being odd does not mean the same as for kernel releases.  Or do
> you want to change the scheme so all stable releases have EVEN middle
> digits?).

You can't compare with the kernel.  And still this only referrs to the
unstable kernel.  The kernel creates new releases about up to thrice
a week.  Everybody knows it's bleeding edge and not too much changes.

However, everythime a new stable kernel gets released people get
excited about it and ask stupid questions why this-and-that distribution
didn't include it.



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