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Request for Help with Roxen and Pike


I realize that my time it too short to maintain these packages.

Therefore I request help from somebody else or somebody who is
going to take over these packages.

What has to be done:

  a) Package Pike 0.6
  b) Include Bugfixes for it
  c) Split Pike in Pike and Pike-non-free (msql plus mysql modules)
  d) Re-package Roxen to use the native Pike package and disable
     the included pike
  e) Re-package Roxen-ssl, same rules as e) plus include the
     ssl3fix.tgz package.


  . Roxen does not always compile right out of the box
  . Just adding the ssl3fix to the roxen source tree results
    in a non-existant roxen-pike package.  Dunno why.
  . Compiling Roxen takes 20min - 30min on a pII-233/64MB
  . Roxen source is 13MB uncompressed
  . Roxen's makefiles are scary
  . Excluding Pike from the Roxen package might be difficult.
  . Applying the SSL3 fix to Roxen/Pike might need some knowledge
    of Pike (it's C-like)



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