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Re: xanim and the dotofiles

>  > for alpha. perhaps now is the moment to get xanim multi-platform
>  > ready. there is a server with a lot of objects including the missing
>  > for debian.
> If they all have the same copyright as the 3 i386 ones that are currently 
> compiled in, we can't include them.  I asked the author of xanim, and he told 
> me that he got exclusive permission to distribute them, but he can't pass it 
> on to me.  My attempts to contact someone at radius miserably failed.  I think 
> the way it is now (or will be when i remove dotofiles.tgz from 
> orig.tar.gz) is as good as it gets.
this would be a lot of work. perhaps it's easier to install binary
objects and link in the installscript. point to the place, where the
user can download the files. 
btw those files are essential for xanim, because they provide the
encoding of commonly used formats.
see header

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