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NIST-PCTS needs a Debian maintainer

I have been looking around for POSIX compliance test suites to use as one
of the components of the LSB test suite. Many such suites, including those
provided the TOG, are totally restricted from modification or
distribution, requiring you to obtain the source from TOG.

The National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) has produced a
"public domain" suite with focus on FIPS 160 (ISO/IEC 9899: Information
technology -- Programming languages -- C) The suite can validate header
files as well as conformant libc functionality, which are major components
of the LSB requirements as well.

While I intend to be using and modifying this test suite for the LSB
effort, this is an "upstream" effort, and I will need some help from
another developer who will act as the Debian maintainer of the package. As
this is probably going to grow into much more the the NIST-PCTS, there may
need to be a second package for the LSBCTS, which may either include the
modified NIST-PCTS, or depend upon it as a separate package.

If someone is already working on the NIST-PCTS they are the "prime
candidate" for the job.

Anyone interested?

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