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In what package can I find <anyfile>?

I was trying to compile Emacs and got an error for a missing header file.
What package do I install?  To answer this, I did this:

cd /cdrom/debian/hamm/hamm/binary-i386/
bash-2.01$ for deb in */*.deb
> do echo $deb;
> dpkg --info $deb;
> dpkg --contents $deb
> done >> /tmp/deb-files.dat

This gives me a complete list.  Only problem... The file is 12.6 MB in size
for main only!  (okay, it compresses down to a mere 1.7 MB).

Would it be a good idea to include such a list on the official CD?  Perhaps
a compressed version on the ftp server, or none at all (such that changing
one pacakge doesn't force all mirrors to download an extra 12.6MB!)

I think it would save a lot of questions on debian-user.
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