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Re: tclx package in hamm? (online help in Emacs for tcl commands)

Philippe Troin wrote:

> Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> > I am an occasional tcl user (I need the book next to me to do any hacking)
> > and am wondering about why the `tclx' package is in `oldlibs' in hamm?
> >
> > Is tclx being phased out?  Does it exist for tcl8.0?
> There is indeed a tclx8.0. It's just that I didn't have time to package
> it. A nd Tcl 7.6 (and tclx7.6) are being phased out. Expect something
> later, but don't hold your breath...

Ok, as long as I don't lose those online docs! ;-)

BTW, I just noticed that tcl.el is part of xemacs.  It's under the GPL.
It would be nice if the devel tcl8.0 package included it and set it up
properly (See, for example, the octave package for how to do this).
I wonder if David has considered doing this?

Thanks !
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