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Re: Estimate of Debian installed base

Shaleh wrote:
> As someone else mentioned: let's contact cheapbytes, lsl, et. al. and
> get some numbers from there.  I bought my first Debian CD from
> cheapbytes.  They should have a rough number from that.  Also, how many
> unique addresses are in the mailing list database?  That too is a rough
> estimate of the active users.
Maybe I should have been more explicit. Not only did most of the vendors not 
give the information requested, but a few explicitly said that they would
never give out this information. There are only two ways that we will get
this information from them: make it a requirement for selling official
images or convince them that it is in their best interest to do so.

When sales information was requested, it was explained what the information
was for, how the data would be used and assured of confidentiality
(for example, no raw data would be publically accessable). Even so, a few
rude responses were received. Frankly, I'm surprised that some of these
people can stay in business with the unprofessional behavior they exhibit.

Please do not go out and bug these people for this information. Sales figures
are not something given out lightly and they will definitely not give them
to some random person claiming they work with Debian. I have been in communication
with many of the vendors for over a year and have been working to give
a professional image of Debian and (hopefully) to build some trust.

Jay Treacy

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