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Re: "goals" for slink: FHS

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Michael Bramer wrote:

} You all right: symlinks from /usr/share/* to /usr/* are not the right way.
} Someone else make a proposel of symlinks in the other way:
} New man-pages, info-files and doc/files* go to /usr/share/* and the packages
} make symlinks in /usr/* to this files.
} In one package we make a program for the sysadmin to check /usr/doc /usr/man
} and /usr/info. If the programm find a dir only with symlinks in the
} /usr/share/*-hierarchy, then it remove all symlinks in this dir and make one
} symlink from this dir to the dir in /usr/share.
} I think this is the right way. Or, what is wrong?
} Grisu

I agree.  The point of /usr/share is that it contains architecture
independent data.  Putting the actual files in /usr/share/* and making
symlinks from /usr/* allows you to have a seperate arch-indep partition,
easily shared by other architecture systems on the same network.


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