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Adaptec SCSI problem with hamm install

After hearing me rave about my wonderful experiences with Debian, a friend
of mine asked me to help him install Debian on his machine at work.
He has been using Slackware, and has noticed that although the 2.0.33
kernel works well for him, the 2.0.3[45] kernels fail to boot because
of a problem with the Adaptec driver.  I seem to recall that the hamm
rescue disk at one time used the 2.0.33 kernel, and so I tried to find
an older version of the install disks.  Alas, no such luck.

Does anyone have an idea about how I might install Debian on his machine?

Thomas E. Vaughan                            vaughan@mail.nhn.ou.edu
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy                 home: (405) 366-8721
University of Oklahoma, Norman               work: (405) 325-3961x36403

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