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Re: docbook-stylesheets & Christian Leutloff

On Thu, Aug 06, 1998 at 02:15:22PM -0700, Jim Pick wrote:
> Mark Galassi has done some RPMs of the same stuff, and they include
> some things the Debian packages don't (ie. the db2html script).  I'm
> just working on the Gnome stuff now, and I haven't gotten too far into
> it - but I think it might require those scripts in order to generate
> the documentation.

Mmmh. I looked at the location you gave but was too lazy to download the
sources/rpms and so on.

What I think is that db2html stands fot docbook to html, and this will be
merely a wrapper for easy invocation. In Debian, you use:

flora:/gnu/build/hurd.old# less /usr/doc/docbook-stylesheets/README.Debian
docbook-stylesheets for DEBIAN

Usage for rtf:
jade -t rtf -d /usr/lib/dsssl/stylesheets/docbook/print/docbook.dsl test.sgml

Usage for tex:
jade -t tex -d /usr/lib/dsssl/stylesheets/docbook/print/docbook.dsl test.sgml

Usage for html:
jade -t sgml -d  /usr/lib/dsssl/stylesheets/docbook/html/docbook.dsl test.sgml

Christian Leutloff <leutloff@debian.org>, Thu, 13 Nov 1997 10:51:15 +0100

It's really no secret. With the above approach, you remain the flexibility
to extend docbook to your needs. But I agree that at least some other people
wondered how to convert sgml to something else (including me), so it may be
worthwile to write a wrapper or two for this. As long as they give all
parameters to jade... it would mainly add the "-d" option if it is not

Thank you,

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