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Re: Please help debugging gnupg! (was: Re: Next Debian goals)

On Aug 05, Carey Evans <c.evans@clear.net.nz> wrote:
 >> If we can distribute PGP then we can distribute IDEA too.
 >PGP has a special license.  pgpdoc2.txt says:
This is the complete license:

 The IDEA algorithm is patented by Ascom Systec Ltd. of CH-5506 Maegenwil,
 Switzerland, who allow it to be used on a royalty-free basis for certain
 non-profit applications.  Commercial users must obtain a license from the
 company in order to use IDEA.	IDEA may be used on a royalty-free basis under
 the following conditions:

 Free use for private purposes:

 The free use of software containing the algorithm is strictly limited to non
 revenue generating data transfer between private individuals, ie not serving
 commercial purposes.  Requests by freeware developers to obtain a
 royalty-free license to spread an application program containing the
 algorithm for non-commercial purposes must be directed to Ascom.

 Special offer for shareware developers:

 There is a special waiver for shareware developers.  Such waiver eliminates
 the upfront fees as well as royalties for the first US$10,000 gross sales of
 a product containing the algorithm if and only if:

 1. The product is being sold for a minimum of US$10 and a maximum of US$50.
 2. The source code for the shareware is available to the public.

 Special conditions for research projects:

 The use of the algorithm in research projects is free provided that it serves
 the purpose of such project and within the project duration.  Any use of the
 algorithm after the termination of a project including activities resulting
 from a project and for purposes not directly related to the project requires
 a license.

 Ascom Tech requires the following notice to be included for freeware

 This software product contains the IDEA algorithm as described and claimed in
 US patent 5,214,703, EPO patent 0482154 (covering Austria, France, Germany,
 Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK), and Japanese
 patent application 508119/1991, "Device for the conversion of a digital block
 and use of same" (hereinafter referred to as "the algorithm").  Any use of
 the algorithm for commercial purposes is thus subject to a license from Ascom
 Systec Ltd. of CH-5506 Maegenwil (Switzerland), being the patentee and sole
 owner of all rights, including the trademark IDEA.

 Commercial purposes shall mean any revenue generating purpose including but
 not limited to:

 i) Using the algorithm for company internal purposes (subject to a site

 ii) Incorporating the algorithm into any software and distributing such
     software and/or providing services relating thereto to others (subject to
     a product license).

 iii) Using a product containing the algorithm not covered by an IDEA license
      (subject to an end user license).

 All such end user license agreements are available exclusively from Ascom
 Systec Ltd and may be requested via the WWW at http://www.ascom.ch/systec or
 by email to idea@ascom.ch.

 Use other than for commercial purposes is strictly limited to non-revenue
 generating data transfer between private individuals.	The use by government
 agencies, non-profit organizations, etc is considered as use for commercial
 purposes but may be subject to special conditions.  Any misuse will be


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