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Re: POSIX shell; bash ash pdksh & /bin/sh

>>"Alex" ==   <aqy6633@acf5.nyu.edu> writes:

 Alex> The argument of backward compatibility is a strong
 Alex> one. Backward compatibility is a good thing. But we already
 Alex> have an example of an OS which tries to be backward compatible
 Alex> at all cost - including all its bugs and "excess baggage" of
 Alex> this OS is enormous. While we probably all agree that size of
 Alex> the installed operating environment with all bells and whistles
 Alex> will grow with time, it is very important to retain ability to
 Alex> boot the system with only minimal (and small) configuration.

	Yes, very true. We should then make sure that the essential
 flag is given very, very seldom. The resona is that once given, the
 essential flag is very hard to get rid off -- and certainly should
 not be removed on a whim. I do not think we are very bloated with
 essential packages at the moment; but Alex ir correct: we should be
 very strict about essentiality.

	I certainly do not think we are in the same situation that
 Alex alludes to (bug-for-bug compatibility). 


__> egrep ^Package /var/lib/dpkg/available | wc -l
__> perl ~/find_pkg.pl '^Essential:' | grep ^Package | wc -l
__> perl -e 'print 26.0/2324.0, "\n"'
__> perl ~/find_pkg.pl '^Essential:' | grep ^Package
Package: ncurses-base
Package: textutils
Package: bsdutils
Package: sed
Package: base-passwd
Package: util-linux
Package: update
Package: ncurses-bin
Package: tar
Package: ldso
Package: gzip
Package: dpkg
Package: base-files
Package: findutils
Package: shellutils
Package: grep
Package: mount
Package: e2fsprogs
Package: sysvinit
Package: perl-base
Package: hostname
Package: login
Package: fileutils
Package: diff
Package: bash
Package: debianutils

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