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Re: apt && Re: Archive Restructuring -- The dists/ Hierarchy

>>"Jason" == Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:

 Jason> Baggage? Manoj :>

	Sorry ;-)

 Jason> PkgOrder would probably also be a good choice, but a dare say
 Jason> that APT is a bit faster :>

	That's true, and is probably more scalable because of the
 memory mapping that you do. Mayeb you should consider supplying the
 entry points like pkg-order provides to scripts? Like, read from the
 stdin; commands like:

 > load status /path/to/status-file
 > load new    /path/to/package/file
 > order
 > no-deps

	and so one? In other words, allow simple manipulations to be
 done to the data loaded, and return results as strings?

	With that, I can fork a child, which sets stdin/stdout to
 pipes, and execs the commandline interpreter, with the parent process
 feeding commands to the interpreter, looking at the data output, and
 feeding some more commands in. This would make apt very script

	If this sounds interesting, we can workout what commands can
 be easily supported by apt. This may well finally kill off the need
 for pkg-order.

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