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Re: apt && Re: Archive Restructuring -- The dists/ Hierarchy

>>"Jason" == Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca> writes:

 Jason> On 5 Aug 1998, Adam P. Harris wrote:

 >> A little bit off topic, but this reminds me of the simulator that
 >> Jason built into the apt core.  I wonder if we could use apt's
 >> simulator to ensure the internal consistency of the pre-release
 >> distribution at all times, and to see how
 >> addition/removal/upgrade/downgrade of a package perturbs the
 >> consistency node tree.

 Jason> Erm, you can use APT to do this fairly easially but not via the
 Jason> simulator.. Suck in all the package files then walk the package list and
 Jason> print every package that has an impossible dep.

	Well, pkg-order was essentially designed for this, and it,
 too, can work off the Packages file; and it does not have the baggage
 of actually doing all that apt does. Also, it is a unch of Perl
 modules; and hence is script friendly.

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