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Re: apt && Re: Archive Restructuring -- The dists/ Hierarchy

On 5 Aug 1998, Adam P. Harris wrote:

> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@datasync.com> writes:
> > 	Umm, not this simple. One of the main idea behind a
> >  pre-release distribution is that it be internally consistent; and all
> >  package dependencies be satisfied within the pre-release
> >  distribution. Now, suppose there is a shared lib pkg A. Pakcages B
> >  through H depened on this package. Therefor, A-H came into the
> >  pre-release. Now A has a bug report. What happens to packages B-H if
> >  you just yank A out? The distribution os no longer releasable. 
> A little bit off topic, but this reminds me of the simulator that
> Jason built into the apt core.  I wonder if we could use apt's
> simulator to ensure the internal consistency of the pre-release
> distribution at all times, and to see how
> addition/removal/upgrade/downgrade of a package perturbs the
> consistency node tree.

Erm, you can use APT to do this fairly easially but not via the
simulator.. Suck in all the package files then walk the package list and
print every package that has an impossible dep.


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