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Re: Linking Question -- Static vs. Dynamic

On Mon, 3 Aug 1998, Fulgham, Brent/SCO wrote:

> Can one of you gurus tell me how to instruct gcc to STATICALLY link one
> particular library, while dynamically linking to all the others?
> I wish to link an application with the static libstdc++.a archive, while
> allowing all other Linux libraries to be linked dynamically.  My
> understanding is that ld will search through the library directories and
> preferentially link with shared libraries over static.  Since I have
> both a static and dynamic version of libstdc++, how do I force ld to
> choose the static archive?  I have already tried putting the archive
> name into the object list of the makefile, which didn't seem to work.
> Help!

a) Wrong forum.  Maybe debian-mentors...

b) Have you tried -l/path/to/libstdc++.a (instead of -lstdc++)?  Of
course, g++ does some auto-linking, and I don't know the details of that
(but 'info gcc/g++' might know...)


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