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Re: Nasty hamm upgrade problems

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

> OK, I upgraded a bo machine to hamm Thursday.  I encountered some
> rather nasty problems.
> First, apt crashed in mid-install due to a fvwm95 problem.  More on
> that below.  But the nasty part is that by that time, the C++ library
> that bo apt required had been purged and replaced with the hamm
> version, so apt refused to run.  hamm has no apt version.  This is
> incredibly stupid!  We are advocating people to use apt to upgrade,
> and after the upgrade is complete, our package tool is the only bo
> component left????!!!
> Secondly, fvwm95 caused apt to crash with an E message.  Could find no 
> good solution to this so dpkg --purged fvwm95.

Elaborate on this please.
What do you mean by "an E message"?

There is one known bug in fvwm95_2.0.43b-5's postrm, but this is only
triggered by it being called with an abort-* argument; unfortunately,
there's a bug in the preinst that's triggered by upgrading from an
incomplete bo fvwm95 installation that then causes the install to be
aborted, etc.

This is compounded by a bug in menu which means that the hamm menu
doesn't understand the old menu file format of the bo fvwm95; this
causes all sorts of problems (many "command not found" messages) on
the next update-menus.

There will be a fvwm95_2.0.43b-6 in incoming soon that addresses these 
issues, as well as a bug filed against menu complaining about the lack
of backwards compatibility.

Now, to the list:
Can I upload a new fvwm95 to stable?  Will this violate some rule
about the stable tree?

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