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Re: dpkg-source and bzip2

On Aug 03, Nathan E Norman decided to present us with:
> I missed the beginning of this discussion, unless this is the beginning

This is, AFAIK :-)

> Are you advocating packaging source as orig.tar.gz AND orig.tar.bz2, or
> are you advocating bz2 OVER gz?

NDA. I'm advocating orig.tar.gz OR orig.tar.bz2, at the
maintainer discretion. So you would have freeciv*.orig.tar.bz2,
kernel*.orig.tar.bz2, gcc*.orig.tar.gz coexisting peacefully.

[In other words... if the upstream package has a .tar.bz
distrbution and the debian maintainer thinks for some reason it
is more convenient (in the case of kernel, it may mean over 1M),
then we will have a .tar.bz2, but .tar.gz remains as the
standard otherwise]

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