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Re: boot disks, debian, and world domination.

"James R. Van Zandt" <jrv@vanzandt.mv.com> writes:
> 3.1 "apropos".  Unfortunately, the
> Debian apropos is broken IMHO - try "apropos archive" and note that you
> *don't* get either of the following:
> ar (1)               - create, modify, and extract from archives.
> cpio (1)             - copy files to and from archives

Um, yes I do!  What's wrong with your mandb ??

<apharris@burrito:sbr> apropos -r archive | grep cpio
cpio (1)             - copy files to and from archives
rpm2cpio (8)         - Converts Red Hat Packge (RPM) to cpio archive

.....A. P. Harris...apharris@onShore.com...<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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