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Re: boot disks, debian, and world domination.

Kevin <ewigin@softhome.net> writes:

>I propose that we add a
>final step, to the install process after everything else is done, which is
>just a required reading step. ... This dialog box would
>list 3 important things. 1: the existance of /usr/doc/package_name/ 2: a
>simple useage of man. Ie: man file. and 3: list of other ways of reciveing

Good idea.  We should mention:

3.1 "apropos".  Unfortunately, the
Debian apropos is broken IMHO - try "apropos archive" and note that you
*don't* get either of the following:

ar (1)               - create, modify, and extract from archives.
cpio (1)             - copy files to and from archives

Therefore, the hint should go something like this:

    Use the "apropos" program to search for relevant manual pages, like
        apropos -r archive
    The argument can be a regular expression, but if you use special
    characters, you should enclose it in single quotes.
3.2 The new user should also try "info" for an introduction to docs for
GNU programs.

3.3 The user should also be invited to read the FAQ.  I'm not sure of the
most general/convenient approach:

zless /usr/doc/debian/FAQ/debian-faq.txt.gz 
lynx /usr/doc/debian/FAQ/debian-faq.html          (but lynx can be confusing)
info debian                  (easiest to start, though info can be confusing)

3.4 "help" summarizes bash syntax.

Finally, the user should be given some easy way to get back to that
screen.  Maybe it should be shown by a "debhelp" package?

                                   - Jim Van Zandt

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