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Re: POSIX shell; bash ash pdksh & /bin/sh

On 2 Aug 1998, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>  Chris>   I would be most happy with a policy that makes /bin/sh a strictly
>  Chris> posix shell that yelps when it sees any ksh or bashism, but
>  Chris> that allows users to change to bash with the warning
> 	I object. I would prefer a policy that retains the backward
>  compatibility, and allows people to change to any shell they wish. (I
>  would gleefully allow people to change /bin/sh to be csh; their
>  machine; they can do whatever they wish).

I would much rather have bugs reported against bash for non-posix behavior
when invoked as /bin/sh than to make something else (even ash, which we
use on the boot disks, and is a perfectly fine shell) the "default" shell
for this call.

>  Chris>   While it is a good goal of a browser to read any random garbage and
>  Chris> keep on trooping, I am not sure I would want to use a C compiler that
>  Chris> has the standard behavior of allowing extensions or syntax errors
>  Chris> because then I won't catch when I write something non-portable.  It's
>  Chris> nice to have the flags to make it more lenient, but I think it's 
>  Chris> improper default behavior because it encourages sloppiness.
> 	Then what compiler do you use, pray? gcc and egcs are not ansi
>  c compiler without the -ansi -pedantic flags. 
> 	Conformance to rtaditional behaviour on Debian systems,
>  conformance to common practice on Linux systems, fault tolerance, the
>  fact that bash is essential, and we should not force yet another
>  command interpreter on people unless they ask for it. Reasons to
>  leave things as Guy has set up for the next release of bash.
Further information: If I understood Guy, he was going to use
"update-alternatives" to manage the priorities of the various shell
installations. This is a distribution default that can be changed by the
sysadmin in a way that "survives" upgrades. RTFM for more details.

Waiting is,

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