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Re: Several reason a minimal POSIX /bin/bash is a bad idea

>>"Clint" == Clint Adams <schizo@debian.org> writes:

 >> As long as it is optional, I am with the lobby. 
 Clint> As long as the option requires effort against the status quo, not
 Clint> the other way 'round.

	Nope. Not until the other shells have been tested. Reliability. 
 Fault tolerance. Dependabilty. OK?

 >> I do, for one. I have extensive customizations in my shell,
 >> and /bin/sh bypasses all those.

 Clint> How do you cope with something like a Solaris system where /bin/sh
 Clint> is pretty unbearable?

	I don't use Solaris. I restrict myself to digital UNXI, AIX,
 And HP-UX. Anyway, broken shells on other operating systems
 are not my concern. I never advocate changing Debian to accomodate
 breajage on Windows 95, for example.

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