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Copynntp users or new maintainer?

A few years ago I set up INN on my system and transferred articles between
my server and my ISP's server over a modem. I then read news off-line,
saving a lot of money, since local calls are not free for me.

I didn't get a newsfeed from my ISP. Instead, I used the 'suck' program
to transfer the articles using NNTP commands meant for newsreading (as
opposed to news transfer). I found suck to be more complex than I cared
for (it may have become simpler since), so later I wrote my own program
to do the same thing. I called this program 'copynntp'.

I haven't really advertised copynntp much. I've put it on my web page,
but that's about it. Now I don't have use for copynntp anymore, and am
wondering what to do with it. If there is anyone using copynntp who
would like to take over maintainance and further development of the
package, I would be most grateful. Alternatively, if there is anyone
interested in still using copynntp, even if they lack the skill to
maintain it themselves, I can continue to maintain the program by fixing
bugs. However, if I don't hear from anyone, I'm going to retire the
program - it will still be available on my web page, but I won't update it
anymore (not that it has needed any substantial updates for a year or so).

Copynntp is available from http://www.iki.fi/liw/programs/ if you want
to take a look. There is a Debian package (not uploaded to the main
Debian distribution), in addition to the Python sources.

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